Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy for DrySide Ltd.

As a professional company, the staff and directors of DrySide Ltd recognise the importance of correct management of health, safety and welfare of our employees whilst at work, as well as that of anyone who may be affected by our actions and decisions.

All staff employed by DrySide Ltd. including sub-contractors have read, understood and agreed to comply with our working practices and principles.

DrySide Ltd. operates a no smoking policy in our offices, vehicles, and within our client’s buildings.

On arrival at the proposed building we will report to the appointed person or site manager prior to commencing our work. Our Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Chemical Data Sheets, and CoSHH requirements, where appropriate, will be checked and available for inspection.

All plant, tools, or equipment that we may supply and use will be in a safe and well maintained condition. All materials and products we use or provide will comply with the appropriate and recognised standards, including Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations.

When on a site, our staff will be suitably clothed for the conditions and circumstances which exist, and use appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) such as safety boots, hard hats, gloves, dust masks, etc. for the tasks involved.

Our work areas will be kept tidy, to minimise the risk of tripping over, and/or falling. Electrical equipment will be kept in a good state of repair.

When on a site, or in or on any premises, we will conduct ourselves in a manner with due regard to the safety of ourselves and others.

The person responsible for Health and Safety for DrySide Ltd. ensuring that our policy is followed, monitored, and updated periodically is Peter Gorman.