Terms and Conditions of Contract

Terms and Conditions of Contract for DrySide Ltd.

The following terms and conditions of contract apply to each and every contract carried out by DrySide Ltd. and must be read in conjunction with our reports, specifications, guarantees, and quotations/estimates.

Acceptance of Quotation/Estimate: shall be open for a period of 3 months, unless stated otherwise in writing, after which time we reserve the right to amend or withdraw our reports/specifications/estimates/quotations.

Our Terms of Payment: For projects over £1000.00, one third of the accepted value of works with a duly completed Form of Acceptance, followed by full payment on completion on site, with final payment of any agreed extra or additional works within 14 days of the invoice date. All other contracts are full payment within 14 days of the date of invoice. Where contracts are carried out in stages we reserve the right to receive payment for the work done and to make an additional charge where appropriate of which you will be notified. Should any payment become more than 7 days overdue, the total outstanding will become immediately payable before continuation of any further works by DrySide Ltd. and will become subject to additional administration costs of £50.00+vat per letter, and interest at 8% over the current bank base rate on the total value of the invoiced works.

Variation of Contract: Where conditions on site demand, we reserve the right to inform you in writing of necessary changes, and alterations to our specifications, and quotations/estimates for your approval and acceptance before proceeding. This maybe by email, fax, text, or letter.

Continuity of Work: This is assumed without interruption. Where this is not available or due to unforeseen circumstances or adverse site conditions outside of the control of DrySide Ltd, we reserve the right to make reasonable additional charges accordingly.

Access to the Property: This is assumed to be free of charge and available during normal working hours of 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Works outside of these times will be subject to additional charges unless stated otherwise in our report/quotation. It is the clients’ responsibility to provide safe and practical walkways, scaffolding, lifting equipment, dry storage and preparation areas and a minimum temperature of 5 Celsius, all in accordance with general safety and current regulations.

Electric and Water Supplies: This is necessary for our works and it is assumed that a safe and accessible supply will be available free of charge at a suitable and convenient location within the property. If not we will charge as an extra to supply a suitable generator.

All floor coverings, furniture, effects, fixtures and fittings: These items must be removed from the rooms and areas of works including access ways prior to our arrival. This is always our recommendation. Where special floor coverings such as tiling, laminate, wood block, varnished or polished surfaces exist, these must be suitably protected prior to our arrival, and our works will be carried out on the basis that DrySide Ltd will only provide basic contractors protection such as dust sheets, and lightweight decorators polythene coverings, unless stated otherwise in our report/quotation.

Works to Party Walls: These are involved the provision of the Party Wall Act of 1996 apply. In accepting our quotation/estimate the client is deemed to have obtained the consent of the adjoining owner(s) for works to be carried out to the party wall(s).

Listed Buildings or Buildings within Conservation Areas: These may require special consent for our works and some preferred variations may be required to comply with your local listed building, conservation officers policy. We therefore recommend you contact the relevant local council offices prior to our works commencing.

It is not the responsibility of DrySide Ltd, or its staff to ensure that our recommendations and specifications to others are implemented or carried out to an acceptable standard.

Whilst our staff will give their best consideration and care to the property and its contents the risk of accidental damage must be accepted by the client due to the nature of our works, and any claims for accidental damage or negligence by our staff must be received in writing within 14 days of occurrence, otherwise we regret that no claim, of any nature can be entertained.

Our reports, specifications, quotations and estimates are issued in the context of quotation/estimates for works, and are not in anyway intended to be used in assessing the value or the structural integrity of a building or structure. Where any part of the building or structure was not readily accessible for inspection for any reason i.e. floor coverings, furniture, effects, fitted cupboards & units or tiling etc we naturally recommend further inspection when removed.